indian dessert recipes

Indian Dessert Recipes

Can't decide which dessert to make for your cravings? Why not try your hand at recreating classic Indian dessert recipes from scratch! While they may not be as well-known as other dishes from this South-Asian cuisine, they're equally as tasty! Make a serving of gajar ka halwa or sweet carrot pudding, gulab jamun or soaked rice cake, and more! If anything, you deserve to treat yourself to new delicious flavors.

Recommended Indian Dessert Recipes


10 mins

Chai Tea Mix Recipe

Make this quick and easy instant Chai Tea Mix whenever you want! Sip a cup of this creamy and spiced homemade chai tea after a long day at work for a peaceful and relaxing evening.

Ice Cream

8 hrs 15 mins

Pink Guava Ice Cream Recipe

This guava ice cream made with real guava puree bursts with creamy and tropical fruity flavors in each spoonful. Make it using only 4 ingredients!


1 hr 44 mins

Shrikhand Recipe

Sweet and spice flavors come together in this shrikhand recipe. It’s an Indian dessert made with yogurt and toasted coconuts topped with mango slices.


32 mins

Carrot Halwa (Carrot Dessert) Recipe

Treat your tastebuds the Indian way with a sweet carrot halwa or carrot dessert. Tender milk-simmered carrots are mixed with sugar for a moist pudding.


1 hr 10 mins

Indian Pudding Recipe

Here's an easy and delightful dessert that everyone will surely love. Cornmeal, molasses, and milk are baked for a molasses-rich Indian pudding.


5 mins

Tropical Mango Blueberry Lassi Recipe

Enjoy a refreshing glass of this blueberry lassi that’s made with mangoes, yogurt, and almond milk. This Indian drink is ready in five minutes!


18 mins

Cardamom Cookies Recipe

These cardamom cookies are infused with the rich and warm flavors and aroma of ground cardamom. You can whip these up in less than 30 minutes.


2 hrs 40 mins

Gulab Jamun Brûlée Recipe

Try something new with this Gulab jamun brûlée. The authentic Indian milk balls mixed in saffron and cardamom make this crème brûlée twist so delicious!


2 hrs 30 mins

Dum Adai Indian Tart Recipe

If you've never tried a tart recipe like this, well, you should. It's got the flavors and a unique bite which makes it a popular Indian tart.


1 hr

Ghevar Recipe

Ghevar is a traditional Indian dessert made of flour and soaked in syrup. Garnished with nuts and dry fruits, this traditional sweet is light, porous, sweet, crispy, and crunchy all at the same time.

Fruit Dessert

16 mins

Watermelon with Grilled Halloumi Cheese Recipe

This watermelon recipe with grilled halloumi cheese makes a refreshing grilled dish that everyone will love. The sweetness of watermelon mixed with Halloumi cheese and topped with honey is the perfect combination for a hearty dinner dish.


30 mins

Gajar Ka Halwa Recipe

This gluten-free Indian carrot pudding can be enjoyed hot or cold! Made by cooking carrots in milk and then flavoring it with sugar, cardamom, nuts, and raisins.


55 mins

Kheer (Indian Rice Pudding) Recipe

This kheer or Indian rice pudding recipe is a popular Indian dessert. Derived from the Sanskrit word for milk, it is made with rice, sugar, milk, and spices for an aromatic and sweet treat.


20 mins

Kalakhand (Indian Milk Cake) Recipe

You will lick the spoon clean with this klakhand recipe. The Indian version of a milk cake that\\\'s rich, decadent, and nutty. Perfect for the sweet tooth in everyone.


45 mins

Balushahi (Badusha) Glazed Indian Dougnuts Recipe

Fry up this balushahi (badusha) recipe for some sweet Indian doughnuts. Fluffy and crispy balls deep fried and rolled in sugar syrup and topped with cashews for a decadent dessert everyone will love.