Carrabba's Recipes

For all those Italian-American cuisine enthusiasts, ready your pots and pans as we've prepared these easy Carraba's Recipes inspired by the famous food chain itself. Get ready to enjoy delectable dishes of Carraba's.

New Carrabba's Recipes

Carrabba’s Fried Calamari
Copycat Carrabba’s Meatballs Recipe

Copycat Carrabba’s Meatballs

Total 195 mins
Just-Like Carrabba’s Lasagna Recipe

Just-Like Carrabba’s Lasagna

Recreate this well-loved Carrabba's lasagna in the comfort of your own home.

Total 160 mins
Carrabba’s Chicken Parmesan Recipe

Carrabba’s Chicken Parmesan

Give your chicken parmesan a Carrabba's twist with this easy recipe.

Total 25 mins
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