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Statement from For the Love of Food Blog Team

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For The Love of Food Blog is pleased to announce that we have merged with the team – a provider of an array of quick and easy recipes.


The idea here is to provide nutritious yet delicious recipes for both vegans and non-vegans to try at home. With naturally-sourced and homegrown ingredients, you can guarantee a more wholesome approach to what you’re eating. Everyone knows that the best tasting dishes are always made from scratch with a farm-to-table approach.


That is why approached its content direction towards a more inclusive audience. They understand that by providing easy-to-follow recipes, it can help build an individual’s skill and interest in the kitchen whether you’re vegan or not.



Here Are Some Of Our Best Tasting Healthy Recipes

Eating healthy can be a challenging task. Apart from ignoring fast food ads and microwavable meals, incorporating fruits and veggies can appear daunting to some. For most meat-lovers, beets and leeks are no match for red meat. 

With minimal effort, these dishes and could be a fresh addition to your eating lifestyle. Not only will you get the right nutrition your body needs, but you’ll also discover that eating good food results in a great you. 


About For The Love Of Food


Started out in 2010 while taking up her Masters in Organization Development, Sonnet realized her passion for cooking, especially healthy and nutritious food. She was a person who loved to eat, talk, and think about food practically every day.

For Sonnet, what started out as a platform for individuals to connect over amazing food turned into a platform with a passion to help people lead healthier lives. And help them develop an open mind towards healthier eating. The creation of the blog sprouted from the belief that many tend to avoid cooking and eating items unfamiliar to them. Thus For The Love Of Food was created to broaden your horizons and your view on healthy food. 



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