Blackened Chicken Breast Recipes

Blackened Chicken Breast Recipes

Elevate the most humble part of the chicken with these blackened chicken breast recipes. Blackening is the process of adding spices to a protein that turns dark in color when cooked. It's a great way to pack flavor into your dishes. Using a variety of spices and aromatics these recipes will change the way you prepare your meals. Awesome when paired with any of your favorite side dishes like corn and mashed potatoes.

Recommended Blackened Chicken Breast Recipes

BBQ & Grilled

20 mins

Blackened BBQ Chicken Recipe

This blackened BBQ chicken recipe is an easy and fast meal to make. Juicy chicken infused with tangy lemon and spiced up with paprika for a tasty dish.


Blackened Chicken Alfredo Recipe

Enjoy an easy and tasty pasta dish in this blackened chicken Alfredo, made with cajun-seasoned grilled chicken and creamy pasta for a smoky, filling dish.


25 mins

Blackened Chicken Salad Recipe

Having this spicy-rubbed chicken salad in lime juice for dinner just turn any weeknight to be something to look forward to.


20 mins

Blackened Chicken Recipe

This blackened chicken is perfect for a summer day's meal. The dish is great served with some mashed potato, a salad, or grilled corn.