cereal recipes

Cereal Recipes

Milk is all you really need to enjoy a bowl of cereal. But did you know that there are lots of more ways to take this breakfast staple up a notch? Yes, it's definitely possible! Feel free to explore this collection of cereal recipes and see for yourself. Bake this ingredient into brownies and cookie bars, or sprinkle the pieces over ice cream to add a layer of crunch to the dish. On the whole, there are plenty of options to try!

Recommended Cereal Recipes


25 mins

Diabetic-Friendly Oven-Baked Chicken Tenders Recipe

This diabetic baked chicken has earthy and herby flavors from Italian seasoning and a hint of spice from the paprika. It’s tender on the inside and made crispy on the outside with a crushed cereal coating.


55 mins

Farina Dumpling Soup Recipe

Stay warm on the coldest winter nights with our chicken dumpling soup! Our dumplings are made from cereal wheat for a more filling, hearty dish to enjoy.


1 hr

Candy Corn Rice Krispies Recipe

Treat your guests to a crunchy and gooey Rice Krispies treat, shaped just like the iconic candy corn for your next Halloween party! Taste the melted goodness of marshmallows and butter, mixed with Rice krispies for an addicting crunch.

Bar and Brownie

Gluten Free Rice Krispies Recipe

Enjoy a chewy and gooey rice krispies treat without any added gluten when you try out this recipe. You'll love the mix of marshmallows and salted butter.

Bar and Brownie

Cocoa Krispies Recipe (Kelloggs Copycat)

Crunchy cocoa krispies loaded with chocolate flavors are a fun dessert and snack that you can make in 15 minutes and are perfect for kids and kids at heart.


Cookie Crisp Recipe

Crunchy and sweet, this cookie crisp recipe brightens up your morning with its tiny chocolate chip cookie cereal that's made healthier with some flax meal.


45 mins

Spicy Popcorn Balls Recipe

These sweet and spicy popcorn balls makes a delectable snack with a kick! They're made using chipotle chile powder, sweetened corn cereal, and popped corn.

Finger Food

15 mins

Thin Mint Muddy Buddies Recipe

Holy yum!  I loved the mint flavor in these!  And the tiny thin mint cookies that coated the outside made them extra amazing!


20 mins

Crispy Rice Squares Recipe

Crisp, gooey, and sweet, these rice squares are a great dessert that you can serve at a party or give away as a party favor.


15 mins

Rice Krispies Caramel Popcorn Recipe

Combine two favorite snacks into one delicious and addictive treat with this caramel popcorn recipe that's made more fun with the addition of rice krispies.


15 mins

Rice Krispies Wreaths Recipe

Crisp, sweet, and festive, these rice krispies wreaths are an easy dessert that kids and kids at heart will enjoy for the holidays.


35 mins

Baked Cinnamon French Toast Recipe

Start your day on a sweet note with these french toasts. They're baked and flavored with cinnamon then served with fresh fruits and rice cereals.

Pan-Fry & Skillet

25 mins

Spicy Brussels Sprouts with Mint Recipe

The charred flavor in these spicy brussels sprouts makes this vegetable side dish all the more special, especially along with the chilis and fresh herbs.

Rice & Risotto

30 mins

Easy Rice Krispie Treats Recipe

You only need three ingredients and 30 minutes to make these easy rice krispie treats for the kids and the kids-at-heart in your life.

Bar and Brownie

1 hr 20 mins

Chocolate Scotcheroos Recipe

Crunchy rice krispies are topped with a rich and creamy mix of chocolate and peanut butter to make these delectable chocolate scotcheroos.

Pie & Pastry

25 mins

Cornflake Macaroons Recipe

These cornflake macaroons are light and fluffy desserts that have the tropical flavor of coconuts and some added cereal crunch.

Chocolate Dessert

1 hr 40 mins

Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls Recipe

With its classic flavor combination and easy preparation process, these chocolate peanut balls are the perfect no-fuss, quick dessert.


55 mins

Rice Brittle Crunch Recipe

With salted peanuts and banana chips, this rice brittle crunch is a great crispy treat that goes perfectly well with a scoop of ice cream.

Finger Food

10 mins

Patriotic Trail Mix Recipe

Show your patriotism with this sweet and crunchy trail mix. It has a combination of licorice, M&Ms, marshmallows, and corn chex.

Finger Food

7 mins

S’more Muddy Buddies Recipe

A combination of cereals, graham crackers, marshallows, and chocolate brings lots of taste to these s'mores muddy buddies- the perfect snack!

Bar and Brownie

2 hrs 29 mins

Candy Bar Brownies Recipe

Candy bar brownies are a great treat and a good way to use up your Halloween candy stash. Make them now and indulge in all the sweet goodness.

Chocolate Dessert

1 hr 15 mins

Peanut Butter Rice Crispy Balls Recipe

The foolproof combination of peanut butter and chocolate gives these rice crispy balls their delicious and irresistible charm.

Ice Cream

55 mins

Vanilla Soft Serve Recipe

This vanilla soft serve frozen yogurt is delicious and perfect for the hot summer days! Everyone goes crazy for it!
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