Top 10 Roasting Pans To Buy in 2022

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Kaye Modified: January 30, 2023
Top 10 Roasting Pans To Buy in 2022

Roasting isn’t an easy feat, especially if you don’t have a decent roasting pan. It’s high time you leave your baking sheet, aluminum foil trays, and disposable roasting pans behind. Start investing in good quality cookware today and serve good roasts for your next get-together.

First of all, what is a roasting pan, and is it worth it? It’s a piece of cooking equipment primarily used for cooking roast turkey and other types of meat in the oven. You’ll find different kinds in the market today, each uniquely designed for a seamless roasting experience.

Getting one is definitely worth it, especially if you love roasting and holiday feasts. You’d also enjoy playing around with it and exploring other recipes that you can do with this special piece of cookware. Continue reading and check out our guide on how to choose the best kind of roaster trays, as well as our top picks this year.

Our Favorite Roasting Pans at a Glance

Top 10 Roasting Pans to Get in 2022

There are a lot of roaster pans for sale out there, so we’ve narrowed down the list for you. We considered brand reputation, prices, and overall customer reviews to make sure that you get nothing but the best. Check out our top picks for this year’s best roasting pans, and find your best match below:

Best Overall: Cuisinart Chef 16-Inch Rectangular Roaster With Rack

What We Love

  • Affordable
  • Stainless steel material
  • Removable U-shaped rack for better air circulation

What We Don't Love

  • Not very durable

We’re all raving about this Cuisinart roasting pan! In terms of overall performance and value for money, it simply stands out among the rest. The entirety of this roasting pan is made of stainless steel, giving you a classic polished metal feel. It’s a great material for cookware because it catches and distributes heat well.

With each pan, you also get a cooking rack made of the same material. It does a great job of separating the sauce and drippings from your marinated roast beef, or any other type of meat for that matter. With this rack, you won’t have to worry about soggy roasts ever again. It is also intentionally designed to be U-shaped for better air circulation. We love that it’s detachable so you can also use the pan for making casseroles and such.

This Cuisinart roaster itself is rectangular in shape and 16 inches in length, perfect for a standard turkey roasting pan. You’ll have no trouble fitting this into your oven. Also, it only weighs seven pounds which is lighter compared to most roaster trays, so moving it around won’t be an issue. The bonus part is it’s dishwasher safe, and you’re secured with a lifetime warranty. 

Best Budget-Friendly: Granite Ware 18-Inch Covered Oval Roaster

What We Love

  • Lightweight
  • Naturally nonstick

What We Don't Love

  •  Doesn’t come with a rack

This oval-shaped Granite Ware roaster proves that good cookware don’t always have to break the bank. For only $20, you’ll get an 18-inch covered roasting pan that’s perfect for a medium-sized roast chicken or a 15-pound turkey. It’s made with a carbon steel base, so it heats up nicely while being relatively low cost. We’re also big fans of this pan’s black porcelain coating with tiny white specks.

This roaster tray would be perfect for you if you don’t mind not having a cooking rack. You can also do lots of other things with this, like use it as a dish for making Christmas breakfast casserole or a hearty serving of pot roast. Aside from being naturally nonstick, you’ll have no problem cleaning this one because it’s dishwasher-safe as well.

Best Luxury: All-Clad Stainless Steel Roaster With Nonstick Rack

What We Love

  • Superior quality
  • Compatible with most cooktops
  • Easy to clean

What We Don't Love

  • Pan itself is not nonstick

If you’ve got cash to spare, why not treat yourself by getting something more luxurious? With this All-Clad roasting pan, we guarantee that every penny will be well spent. Cooks around the nation love this brand so much for its superior-quality cookware. It comes at a price, though. For this particular model, it’s $180 which is a splurge compared to the price of most pans on this list.

This roaster is made of heavy-duty stainless steel, guaranteed to last you a lifetime. At 18.5 inches in length, it has the perfect rectangular shape and room to hold lots of ingredients. We also love that it comes with a sturdy V-shaped roasting rack, coated with a nonstick finish.

It’s highly versatile too since you can use this on almost all kinds of stovetops. You’ll absolutely love cooking fancy roasts and special dishes such as roast lamb with mint jelly on this high-end cookware. When you’re done for the day, cleaning up will be a breeze because it’s dishwasher-safe.

Best Nonstick: Circulon Nonstick Roasting Pan With Rack

What We Love

  • Nonstick surface
  • Nonstick rack
  • Wide handles

What We Don't Love

  • Hand wash only

Circulon makes the finest nonstick roasting pans in the market to date. To double down, this roaster also comes with a nonstick U-shaped roasting rack, so you can expect the most satisfying and seamless food release on all parts. Handwashing is the best method of cleaning this cookware.

At 17 inches, this roasting pan is large so space also won’t be an issue. You’ll be able to make anything from roast chicken to vegetables in this piece of cookware. It’s also pretty durable since its core is made of heavy-duty steel. It can withstand temperatures of up to 450 degrees F too.  Both the pan and the rack have large, upright handles for easier access and better grip. 

Best Stainless Steel: Viking Oval Roaster With Metal Induction Lid and Rack

What We Love

  • Multipurpose
  • Easy to clean
  • Suspended wire rack

What We Don't Love

  • Limited size
  • Pricey

This oval-shaped Viking roaster is made of tri-ply stainless steel, which is a great conductor of heat and is incredibly durable. This material is designed to be safe for use at temperatures up to 600 degrees F.  This also comes with a lid and a removable wire rack made of the same material. Thanks to that, all parts of this cookware look sleek and polished. You’ll be able to fit up to around 14 pounds of turkey in it!

Above all, we love that this roasting pan is multipurpose. You can do lots of things with it! Of course, you can use it for traditional recipes ranging from roast pork, like this porchetta recipe, to veggies.

When you detach the rack, it transforms into a whole different piece of cookware. You’ll be able to use this roaster like a Dutch oven or stockpot if you wish. You can also use the lid as separate cooking equipment or serving dish. This cookware is compatible with all kinds of indoor and outdoor cooking methods (from induction to grill), so it’s highly convenient. 

Best Roasting Pan with Lid: Mr. Rudolf 17-Inch Roasting Pan With Lid and Rack

What We Love

  • Tri-ply material
  • Can be used on all conventional cooktops
  • Available in different sizes

What We Don't Love

  • Wire rack not suspended

This is one of the best oval-shaped roasting pans you can find that come with a lid. Mr. Rudolf roaster is made of heavy-duty tri-ply material with an aluminum core for optimal heating performance. The surface of this pan, as well as its handles and roasting rack, is made of glossy stainless steel.

Thanks to this cookware’s tapered rim, pouring sauces and liquid into different containers will be a breeze. Make your best brisket recipe with all conventional cooktops using this roasting pan, and use the lid as a serving dish if you wish. This cookware also comes in four sizes. You can go a size smaller or larger if this 17-inch roaster doesn’t feel right for you. Despite not being nonstick, this Mr. Rudolph roaster is easy to clean and dishwasher-safe

Best Oven to Table: Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Rectangular Roaster

What We Love

  • Comes in attractive colors such as licorice, osyter, reddish cerise, and many more
  • Compatible with multiple cooktops

What We Don't Love

  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t have a roasting rack

Serve this cornish game hen recipe straight from the oven with this Le Creuset roasting pan. This cookware is unlike any other on this list, as it’s made of cast iron with an enamel coating. This brings your table spread to life as this roaster comes in different colors.

This oven roasting pan is eye-catching and heavy-duty. Since the base of this cookware is made of cast iron, you can expect that it is built for a long-lasting quality performance in the kitchen. It also has excellent heat retention and distribution, thanks to the material.

Le Creuset is ideal for roasting vegetables and meat in the oven, but you can also use this to cook your favorites over gas, electric, ceramic, halogen, induction, or grill cooktops.

Best Flat Rack: Farberware Nonstick Steel Roaster With Flat Rack

What We Love

  • Compact
  • Nonstick finish

What We Don't Love

  • May be too small for some

If you’re a flat cooking rack enthusiast, we highly recommend getting this product. This roaster comes with a chrome-plated rack to keep your turkey elevated from its drippings. It’s flat so you’ll have more space for the food, and removable too so you can transfer food with ease.

This Farberware roasting pan is made of sturdy, heavy-duty steel. This material heats well and evenly, too! All sides of this roaster have a nonstick finish for easier cleanup. The handles are wide and made of stainless steel. Overall, this pan can handle up to 450 degrees F.

In terms of size, it has a length of 16 inches which is perfect for medium-sized poultry and other types of meat like the one in this honey ham recipe. This will fit into your oven like a glove! Depending on your preference, this can either be a good or bad thing. If you’re only cooking for a few people, then you’ll love this compact roasting pan. Otherwise, it might be too small for your liking. 

Best For Grilling: Granite Ware Bake, Broil, and Grill Pan

What We Love

  • Perforated to enhance the smoky flavor of each dish
  • Multipurpose
  • Affordable

What We Don't Love

  • Small

This shallow, 3-in-1 roasting pan has all the trappings of a great outdoor roaster. You get a roasting pan with a metal rack and a shallow perforated pan for the price of one. This product is perfect for use during summers over grills. For winters, when the weather isn’t ideal for weekend barbecues, use it to roast honey turkey and other oven recipes.

You get great value for money because this versatile roasting pan costs only $29, thanks to its carbon steel core. This material makes it incredibly energy efficient, so meat browns faster and more evenly. This Granite Ware roaster is also naturally nonstick because of its porcelain finish. You won’t have to spend too much time scraping off debris from this turkey pan.

Most Durable: Anolon Tri-Ply Clad Stainless Steel Roaster

What We Love

  • Heavy-duty
  • Large
  • Dishwasher safe

What We Don't Love

  • Heavyweight

This heavy-duty Anolon roaster is made of sturdy tri-ply metal, with an aluminum base sandwiched in between layers of stainless steel. This composition gives the roasting pan a sleek and shiny metal look, as well as a great capacity for conducting and distributing heat. It’s so stable that it’s also oven-safe and can withstand temperatures of up to 500 degrees F. 

Anolon tri-ply is a large roasting pan, which makes it ideal for cooking hefty chunks of baked ham. It also comes with a nonstick U-shaped cooking rack that you can easily lift up and use to release the meat without breaking a sweat. The handles of this pan are also intentionally designed to be upright and dual riveted, for a better, more comfortable grip. Transferring the roasting pan in and out of the oven won’t be a problem anymore.

It’s easy to clean and is dishwasher-safe, too! So you won’t have to worry about meat drippings and stubborn burnt pieces sticking to the pan. You’ll also be entitled to a lifetime warranty for this product.




What Makes a Good Roasting Pan?

Roast chicken in a cast iron skillet

Choosing the right cookware can be pretty difficult, especially with the extensive number of options available. Our guide is here to help out on your hunt for the best roasting pan. Consider these factors before making your decision:


These pans come in different sizes. The standard that would fit a medium turkey is 16 inches in length. Large roasting pans that are 18 inches and above are also widely available. Select the size based on how much food you would typically make in the pan, and also consider which would fit in your cooking range or oven.

Cooking method

Some roaster trays are just better suited for specific cooking methods than others. For instance, while most are built for oven use, not all roasting pans can withstand outdoor cooking and high temperatures of up to 600 degrees F. Determine how you’d want to use your pan. Will you be using it only for special occasions? Or do you plan on maximizing its use? Choose the kind that’s capable of achieving your dinner goals.

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Roasters are made from different materials, each with its own selling points. Here are the most common ones:

  • Stainless Steel – Great conductor of heat and polished metal feel.
  • Nonstick – Easy to clean, often dark matte in color.
  • Carbon Steel – Typically cheaper than others and more lightweight.
  • Enameled Cast Iron – Colorful and visually attractive.

Choose which one of these qualities is most important to you. For example, if you care more about the roasting pan’s durability, then stainless steel pans are your best bet. If you’re working on a budget, go for carbon steel. Choose nonstick for easier cleanups, and an enamel roasting pan if you want colorful cookware. 


Most people opt for rectangular roaster trays because they are more practical. The shape leaves more room for extra ingredients. Ultimately though, the decision is yours. Feel free to choose ones that are oval-shaped if those suit you better.


Decide whether having a roasting rack is important to you. They keep the meat separate from liquids that might pool at the bottom of the pan. If yes, decide on the shape. V-shaped racks are more stable, and flat ones have space for more food. Some roasting pans come with a U-shaped rack, which is a good midpoint for the two initial shapes.

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