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How To Drink A Spritz

How To Drink A Spritz

What is a Spritz?

If you’ve ever been to Italy, chances are you’ve come across the refreshing and bubbly cocktail known as a Spritz. This iconic drink is a popular choice for locals and tourists alike, especially during the warm summer months. The Spritz is a simple yet delightful concoction that is perfect for sipping on a sunny afternoon or enjoying as an aperitif before a meal.


Before we dive into the art of drinking a Spritz, let’s take a look at the key ingredients that make up this classic cocktail:

  • Prosecco: This Italian sparkling wine forms the base of the Spritz, providing the effervescence and light, fruity flavors.
  • Aperol: A bright orange liqueur with a bittersweet taste, Aperol adds a vibrant hue and a hint of citrus to the Spritz.
  • Soda Water: To give the Spritz its signature fizz, soda water is added to the mix, balancing out the sweetness of the other ingredients.
  • Orange Slice: A fresh orange slice is often used as a garnish, adding a pop of color and a citrusy aroma to the cocktail.

The Art of Drinking a Spritz

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s explore the proper way to enjoy a Spritz:

1. Choose the Right Glass

The traditional vessel for serving a Spritz is a large wine glass or a stemmed balloon glass. The wide bowl of the glass allows the aromas to develop and the ice to melt slowly, ensuring a perfectly chilled and flavorful drink.

2. Add Ice

Fill your glass with ice cubes to create a refreshing base for the cocktail. The ice will help keep the Spritz cold and maintain its effervescence as you savor each sip.

3. Pour the Prosecco

Start by pouring 3 parts of Prosecco into the glass. The sparkling wine forms the foundation of the Spritz, providing the bubbly and fruity essence that defines this classic cocktail.

4. Add Aperol

Next, add 2 parts of Aperol to the Prosecco. The vibrant orange liqueur infuses the Spritz with its signature bittersweet flavor and adds a beautiful sunset hue to the drink.

5. Top it Off with Soda Water

To give the Spritz its characteristic fizz, top off the cocktail with a splash of soda water. This addition adds a refreshing effervescence and balances out the sweetness of the Prosecco and Aperol.

6. Garnish with an Orange Slice

To complete the presentation, garnish the Spritz with a fresh orange slice. The citrusy aroma of the orange adds a delightful fragrance to the cocktail and enhances the overall drinking experience.

Enjoying the Spritz

Now that your Spritz is perfectly prepared, it’s time to savor the flavors and aromas of this iconic Italian cocktail. Take a moment to appreciate the effervescence, the balance of sweet and bitter notes, and the refreshing citrus undertones. Whether you’re lounging on a sun-drenched terrace or gathering with friends, the Spritz is the perfect companion for any occasion.

So, the next time you find yourself in the mood for a light and lively libation, remember the art of drinking a Spritz and indulge in this timeless Italian tradition.

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What is a Spritz?
A Spritz is a popular Italian aperitif cocktail that typically consists of prosecco, a bitter liqueur such as Aperol or Campari, and a splash of soda water. It is often garnished with an orange slice or twist.
What glassware is best for serving a Spritz?
The traditional glassware for serving a Spritz is a large wine glass or a stemmed glass, such as a balloon or tulip-shaped glass. The wide bowl of the glass allows for plenty of ice and garnishes, while the stem helps to keep the drink cool without warming it with your hands.
What are the key components of a well-made Spritz?
A well-made Spritz should have a balance of flavors, with the effervescence of the prosecco, the bitterness of the liqueur, and the refreshing quality of the soda water all coming together harmoniously. The garnish, typically an orange slice or twist, adds a citrusy aroma and a pop of color.
Can you customize a Spritz to suit personal preferences?
Absolutely! While the classic recipe calls for prosecco, Aperol or Campari, and soda water, you can certainly customize the ratios to suit your taste. For example, if you prefer a less bitter drink, you can use less Aperol or Campari and add more prosecco and soda water.
What are some food pairings that go well with a Spritz?
A Spritz is often enjoyed as an aperitif, so it pairs well with light and savory snacks such as olives, nuts, charcuterie, and cheese. The refreshing and slightly bitter qualities of the Spritz can also complement seafood dishes, salads, and other light appetizers.

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