3 Food Shows Everyone Should Watch at Least Once in 2023

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Odette Published: June 7, 2023
3 Food Shows Everyone Should Watch at Least Once in 2023

There is no shortage of people in the world who eat merely to survive, and these people will find no judgments from us. Modern life has become so fast-paced that taking time to sit down, take a break, and savor every bite of food you consume feels like a thing of the past. After all, food is just fuel, and life has other more exorbitant pleasures to offer.

But even in this day and age, there is a significant number of people in the world who disagree with the statements mentioned above. They consider food to be the greatest pleasure of life and do not mind sacrificing leisure or even work to find new dishes and enjoy each chunk they eat; these people are aptly called ‘foodies.’

The love of food is one of the oldest forms of love known to mankind. After all, human beings have really advanced and fine-tuned taste buds. And if food was just fuel, then why did primordial people start cooking even before the advent of human civilization? Meat dishes do not need to be flavored with herbs or spices to provide nutrients, and wheat does not need to be prepared in a hundred ways to give us bursts of energy.

Arnaud's Seafood Jambalaya Recipe

So, in a way, people who love food are merely keeping alive the prized traditions of our ancestors. But despite our innate love for food, modern life does not allow us the liberty to experiment with new dishes daily. Instead, most of us find ourselves stuck with eating the same set of things repeatedly. This monotony makes it hard for even the most passionate food lovers to enjoy the process of eating.

An easy way out of this dilemma is offered by the dozens of easily accessible food blogs and recipe apps available online. These platforms help us break from our redundant eating routines by giving us convenient access to a variety of new culinary delights. All you need is a smartphone and a reliable internet service provider like Spectrum, and you can try hundreds of new dished every year.

Another convenient way of learning about new dishes and recipes is by binge-watching food shows. Most of these shows are very entertaining, informative, and in some cases fairly sensational. So, besides offering a chance to learn about new dished these shows are an excellent way of passing the time.

Now, if you are intrigued by the idea of food shows but do not know where to start, don’t worry! Here is a list of 3 brilliant TV food shows that everyone should watch at least once in 2023 if they have not already.

Parts Unknown

Anthony Bourdain, Parts Unknown

Parts Unknown will forever remain the best food show to have ever been created because of the amazing mind behind the production. The show was hosted by the legendary Anthony Bourdain, who apart from being a stellar TV host, writer, and chef, was one of the very first people to popularize the idea of being a foodie.

Bourdain is in fact the founder of an entire cultural movement. Beyond anything else, the show represented the adventure of trying new culinary items. From Cobra Hearts to Poisonous Fish to even pig blood, Bourdain made a point of finding delight in things that many would consider disgusting.

Moreover, he was not biased in favor of Western delights, like so many of his peers. From war-torn Gaza to Ebola-infested Congo, Bourdain found amazing dishes everywhere he went.

His mysterious death in a French hotel in 2018 was a devastating blow to food lovers all across the world.

Master Chef

Master Chef, Gordon Ramsay

Let’s be honest, everyone knew that master chef was going to make this list. The series has been able to etch itself in the memory of so many people around the globe that it has almost become synonymous with the idea of food shows. The most unique and popular aspect of the show was its ability to successfully mesh the sensationalism of reality TV with the class of gourmet cooking.

The show has three popular renditions namely Master Chefs, Australia, Canada, and the U.S. The most popular rendition is obviously the U.S. one, and the reason can be summarized into two words, Gordon Ramsay.

The Master Chef’s iconic yelling and deeply critical style meant that the contestants, most of whom were competing for the chance of a lifetime, were always on their toes.

The show was more about the emotions associated with cooking than the idea of consuming food itself. And this is exactly what sets Master Chef apart, the show was about the heart as much as it was about the stomach.

Ugly Delicious

Ugly Delicious, TV food show

Ugly Delicious is the newest show on the list. And we have to admit that David Chang was able to completely outdo most contemporary series. The show successfully tried to move beyond most of the traditional tropes followed by modern cooking shows.

So, instead of solely focusing on fancy continental dished Ugly Delicious tried to find meaning in the mundane. For instance, several episodes of the show were dedicated to dishes we consumed on a day-to-day basis, dished as Pizza, Steak, and even BBQ. Chang narrates amazing historical facts about these items of routine use and in a way extracts something special out of ordinary things.

Final Thoughts

If you have followed the article up until now then you probably agree with the famed maxim that, ‘food is life.’ And trust us, if you are a foodie all three of the shows mentioned on the list are going to be treats for you. So, what are you waiting for, start binging right away.

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