Best Egg Cooker of 2022: 11 Top Picks To Choose From

Best Egg Cooker of 2022: 11 Top Picks To Choose From

While cooking eggs isn’t exactly difficult, you must occasionally keep a watchful eye on the pot as they tend to overcook easily. However, not everyone has the luxury of time to stand in front of the stove and wait for their humble eggs to transform into one tasty dish. Enter the best egg cooker to save the day!

An egg cooker is a small machine dedicated to preparing perfectly boiled and poached eggs. It also lets you make delicious omelets and scrambled eggs with absolute ease. It’s just a bonus that you can also use this cooking device for steaming vegetables, rice, and other foodstuffs.

There are a plethora of egg cookers up for grabs today, both in physical and online stores. So keep reading to find out which products came out on top this year!

Our Favorite Egg Cookers at a Glance

11 Best Egg Cookers To Get This 2022

Deciding which product to buy can be a real chore, especially if there is a whole slew of options to choose from. Just keep in mind that a quality egg cooker should be durable, reliable, easy to use, and have noteworthy features to boot. With these criteria in mind, we rated the best egg cookers on the market, and here are the top 11 products to have in your kitchen:

1. Best Overall: Dash Deluxe Rapid Egg Cooker

What We Love

  • Has a large capacity
  • Features an auto-shut-off system
  • Versatile
  • Available in different colors

What We Don't Love

  • Takes up a bit of counter space

If you dislike the idea of hovering around the stove just to make hard-boiled eggs for your tuna egg salad (we all do, especially when in a time crunch), then you will appreciate this Dash Deluxe Rapid egg cooker. Sitting at the top of our list, this impressive appliance is convenient and functional.

We are especially impressed with how this product delivers deliciously cooked dozen eggs without a hitch. Smooth to operate, you only have to push a button to prepare your desired egg style. If you become preoccupied with other house chores amidst cooking, this product can help put your mind at ease. That’s because it has an auto-shut-off system to avoid overcooking the eggs. You will also hear an alert sound once the eggs are cooked to a turn.

Beyond the boiling tray, this device includes a poaching tray and an omelet bowl as well. It also comes in handy when you need to heat tortillas or steam veggies. Having a sleek black design, it will be a tasteful addition to your countertop. Luckily, Dash Deluxe’s Rapid Egg Cooker comes in various colors, so you can pick whichever matches your kitchen interior.

2. Best Microwavable: Nordic Ware Microwave Egg Boiler

What We Love

  • Made of BPA-free and melamine-free plastic material
  • Has high heat tolerance
  • Easy to clean

What We Don't Love

  • Can only hold four eggs at a time

Not many people are keen on cooking eggs in the microwave as it can be a tad intimidating. If you fall under that group, allow this microwave egg cooker from Nordic Ware to change your mind. Its quality, ease of use, and performance make the egg cooking process a breeze.

This microwaveable egg boiler is crafted from BPA-free and melamine-free plastic material and has high heat tolerance to boot. It’s essentially a compact egg-shaped container with a metal interior that protects the eggs from microwaves. The microwave heats the water to steam the eggs without directly reaching the eggs (thanks to the metal shield).

Ideal for quick meal preps, this egg steamer can cook up to four eggs in less than ten minutes. But before popping it in the microwave, you should note that the cooking time is dependent on your desired level of doneness and the wattage power of your microwave.

Piercing a hole in the egg shell is sometimes necessary to avoid (egg) explosion, but you can skip that part when using this microwave cooker. If you have a dishwasher at home, you can also just pop it in for a quick rinse.

3. Best Electric: Cuisinart Egg Cooker

What We Love

  • High-end features
  • Can hold ten eggs at once
  • Comes with a poaching tray and omelet tray

What We Don't Love

  • The omelet tray is a bit small

This product from Cuisinart is the best electric egg cooker that you can purchase today. In essence, it covers all the bases for a quality and reliable electric egg boiler. It also has an attractive and sleek design, befitting a contemporary kitchen.

It’s easy to get distracted by other chores when cooking, hence, leaving you with overdone food. Thankfully, you can benefit from the high-end features of this model, including a blue LED indicator, audible alert, and stand-by mode. Such attributes keep your eggs from overcooking.

Despite its compact size, this two-tier cooker can accommodate ten eggs at once. It also comes with removable trays for making cheesy omelets and poaching four eggs. And with its rubber handles on the side, it will be easier to lift and remove the lid and trays once you finish cooking. Storing this product wouldn’t be an issue since it has a relatively small footprint as well.

4. Best for Hard-boiled Eggs: Chef’s Choice Egg Cooker

What We Love

  • Can cook eggs with varying doneness all in one batch
  • Has an electric timer
  • Features an elliptical three-egg poaching tray

What We Don't Love

  • Some have leaking issues

While it may seem easy, preparing boiled eggs with superb texture can be a real chore for some people. That is one cooking dilemma that this egg cooker from Chef’s Choice can solve. Among the many options on the market, it is the pick of the bunch if you want to make hard-boiled eggs for your salad. In fact, it can make more than that, since it’s able to cook eggs with varying degrees of doneness all in one batch!

Other than that, this product has a lot going for it. Unlike other egg cookers, this model does not rely on the amount of water used to achieve a particular level of doneness for your eggs. Instead, its electronic timer (which has an audible signal) uses precise cooking time to help you get your preferred consistency. Thanks to this feature, it’s now easier to get the perfect hard-boiled eggs without much guesswork.

Aside from its ability to make boiled eggs, this cooker delivers excellent poached eggs as well. When the eggs are finally cooked, you can easily lift the handy tray out of the machine to rinse them. What’s more, its brushed stainless steel design will bring elegant modernity to your home kitchen too.

5. Best for Poached Eggs: Bella Egg Cooker

What We Love

  • Easy to use
  • Features power switch and indicator light
  • Has cool-touch side handles
  • Dishwasher-friendly

What We Don't Love

  • No buzzer to alert you when eggs are cooked

If you’re after an appliance for a straightforward egg-poaching process, this product from Bella is hard to beat. This handy cooker, with its 360-watt heating system, churns out poached eggs straightaway right on your countertop.

This poached egg maker is intuitive to use. Features like the power switch and indicator light make it easy to prepare vegetarian eggs benedict in the morning. Also, you can refer to the markings on the water measuring cup to know how much water you need for your desired egg style. Not just for boiled eggs and poached eggs, this cooker also lets you prepare delicious omelets as well.

There is also no need for potholders when lifting the machine as it has cool-touch side handles. Moreover, the stainless steel lid and trays are all dishwasher-safe, making the clean-up easy-peasy.

6. Best Ceramic: Pampered Chef Ceramic Egg Cooker

What We Love

  • Made from high-quality and durable ceramic material
  • Microwave-safe
  • Features a silicone sleeve

What We Don't Love

  • Can only hold four eggs

Its straightforward design, ease of use, and durability are amongst the reasons this Pampered Chef cooker secured a spot on our list. This machine, made from high-quality and durable ceramic material, is suitable for microwave cooking. That, and more, makes it an excellent choice if you want to whip up fluffy microwave scrambled eggs for breakfast.

This ceramic egg cooker is compact, lightweight, and can hold four eggs at a time. You can also prepare a quick homemade breakfast using this nifty product, from omelets to poached eggs and instant oatmeal. Featuring a silicone sleeve, it won’t slip from your grip when you carry it around. Post-use, you can simply toss it in the dishwasher and call it a day.

7. Best Large: Hamilton Beach Egg Cooker

What We Love

  • Large capacity
  • Features a one-touch operation
  • Versatile
  • Easy to store

What We Don't Love

  • The measuring cup is a bit hard to read

Do you love preparing an egg-centered brunch for the whole family on a regular basis? Then this product might work for you. This machine from Hamilton Beach can churn out 14 boiled eggs and two poached eggs all at once.

One of the significant strong suits of this sleek machine is its one-touch operation. Once you press the power button, the indicator light turns on, and the cooker will get the job done in no time. And the light will automatically turn off when the eggs are ready to go for your asparagus salad.

This machine, offering versatility, has a poaching tray, a bowl for making omelets or steaming other foodstuffs. All of these notable functions and accessories are packaged in a sleek and compact design as well. And it’s easy to store away in a cabinet when not in use!

8. Best Small: EGGPOD by Emson Egg Cooker

What We Love

  • Easy to store
  • Easy to use
  • Multi-purpose
  • Affordable

What We Don't Love

  • Users cannot see the inside while the eggs cook

For those who don’t have extra space to spare, consider this mini egg cooker. This machine, measuring 6 inches in height and 7.25 inches in width, is easy to carry and move on and off the counter when needed. Because of its smaller footprint, it also easily fits into your cupboard for storage.

This wireless machine can cook four eggs at a time. So, it’s just the thing when you only need a handful of boiled eggs for your ramen noodle bowls. It’s also very straightforward to use. Add the precise quantity of water to the device and place your eggs inside. Then, pop the egg pod into your microwave and cook the eggs on high heat for nine minutes.

This product comes with a measuring cup, but you can also use the water line indicator inside the egg pod to gauge the required amount of water you need. Once the eggs are ready, give the pod a gentle shake to crack the eggshell for easier peeling. In addition to cooking eggs, you can also steam potatoes and sweet corn using this device.

9. Best Easy-clean: Copper Chef Egg Maker

What We Love

  • Easy to clean
  • Features advanced egg-right technology
  • Has a large capacity
  • Has poaching tray and omelet tray

What We Don't Love

  • Can be easily broken if not taken care of properly

It’s a great convenience when the appliance you regularly use is easy to clean. In this sense, we present you with this deluxe electric egg cooker that features dishwasher-safe parts and Cerami-Tech non-stick coating! With such attributes, you won’t be scrubbing off any residues afterward.

Using this egg maker couldn’t be simpler. It lets you cook eggs the way you prefer with a simple push of a button and without setting a timer. With the advanced egg-right technology, there is enough steam circulating inside the device to cook them. It also has two egg racks, with each boasting a seven-item capacity.

During the cooking process, you can also observe the eggs since this machine has a see-through lid. The set also includes a poaching tray, omelet tray, and marked measuring cup. If you have a smaller kitchen or cooking space, then you will appreciate its portability.

10. Best Multi-purpose: Nostalgia Egg Cooker

What We Love

  • Attractive design
  • Multi-purpose
  • Has one-touch mechanism
  • Features cool-touch handles

What We Don't Love

  • Has some issues with the buzzer

There is a lot to be said for this highly-rated kitchen appliance. Design-wise, it will look gorgeous on any countertop with its retro style. The design perfectly matches the performance as well, with this being an egg maker that produces a slew of egg styles, from hard-boiled eggs to scrambled eggs. And, more than that, its purpose also extends to steaming vegetables and dim sum.

But those aren’t the only reasons we have set our eyes on this product. We also appreciate its one-touch mechanism and how quickly it can cook up to seven eggs at once. It also emits a sound when the eggs are hard-boiled enough. In addition, this cooker has cool-touch handles, so you can move this compact appliance without burning your fingertips.

This product also includes an egg white separator and a measuring cup with an egg piercing tip. You will be ecstatic to know that the parts are detachable as well, making post-breakfast cleanup a breeze!

11. Best Budget-friendly: Elite Gourmet Egg Cooker

What We Love

  • Reasonably priced
  • Multi-purpose
  • Easy to use
  • Has a compact design

What We Don't Love

  • May have inconsistent results

Want to invest in an egg cooker but don’t want to bust your budget? Luckily, there is an affordable option for you! This egg maker from Elite Gourmet is reasonably priced without falling behind in terms of purpose. It has all the features that you can expect from a high-quality egg maker, minus the hefty price tag.

Many users have raved about the functionality, versatility, and ease of use of this affordable product. It is designed to cook up to seven eggs at once. You can make soft and medium to hard-boiled eggs, even scrambled eggs and omelets. Features including the power button, built-in timer, buzzer, and auto-shut-off make the whole egg-making a cinch. Not to mention, it comes with detailed instructions, a recipe book, and a measuring cup with markings to guide you all the way through the cooking process.

This egg maker also boasts a space-saving design that fits right into your storage. Or, if you want, you can place it on your countertop—it’ll serve as a fun display! Luckily, it’s available in an array of vibrant colors to suit any kitchen setting. And when cleaning, simply remove the part, toss them in the dishwasher, and you’re done!

What to Look for When Buying an Egg Cooker

eggs in an egg cooker cooking

Gone are the days when you had to stand by the stove, biding your time until your eggs were hard-boiled enough for your hearty cobb salad. There are now plenty of high-end egg cookers available, providing an easier way to prepare eggs. But before making a purchase, naturally, you have to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. Here are several factors you must consider first:

Electric Egg Cooker vs. Microwave Egg Cooker

In general, there are two types of egg cookers: electric and microwave. An electric egg cooker can fully function on its own, whereas you need to place the other in a microwave to cook the eggs. 

Function-wise, electric egg cookers are more flexible and versatile. They can be used to make various egg dishes, from hard-boiled eggs to omelets. Conversely, microwave egg makers have limited capacity and, in most cases, work only for boiling or poaching eggs. 

Electric cookers are often bulky and take up more space on your kitchen counters. Microwave egg makers, on the other hand, are compact, lightweight, and easier to store.

Material and Durability

The material that is used to make the product is also a crucial factor to consider. In one way or the other, they determine the durability of a product. 

The majority of egg boilers are made of aluminum, plastic, and stainless steel. Stainless steel and aluminum can last for a long time, but sometimes they require manual cleaning. The plastic-made egg cookers, meanwhile, are less durable but are easier to clean. 

That said, most egg cookers are a combination of these materials. You can see egg cookers with aluminum or stainless steel bodies and plastic lids. A plastic lid, in particular, lets you catch a glimpse of what’s happening inside. Pick the one that you think best suits your kitchen needs. 


If you enjoy various styles of eggs every morning, you’ll want to find a versatile machine. Luckily, most egg cooker models are outfitted with trays for boiled eggs, poached eggs, scrambled eggs, and omelets. Some are also used to steam veggies, fish, and other small foods. All that is to say, cherry-pick the item that will be most useful to you.

Ease of Use

A machine that is too complicated to use is the last thing we want. Some egg cookers, however, contain several functions and accessories that can be confusing for some people. Don’t worry, though! The ones available in the market often come with an instruction manual. Besides, nearly all egg cookers feature a one-touch operation and automatic cooking mechanism. 

Size and Storability

Before making a purchase, you must also consider the size and capacity of the product, as well as how much space you have.

Egg cookers come in varying sizes, with different holding capacities. Some models can cook a dozen eggs at once, and others are limited to only four eggs at a time. So, it’s worth identifying first what you will be using it for.

Are you cooking for the whole family, or do you love entertaining guests? If yes, then it’s only logical to purchase an egg cooker with a large capacity. On the other hand, it can be daunting to find a storage place for a larger device. But if there’s enough room on your countertop, then it’s alright to opt for a large egg maker.

Otherwise, there are plenty of smaller options if you are just preparing egg recipes for yourself or a partner. A machine with a relatively smaller footprint is also more convenient to carry around and easier to store away when not in use.

Ease of Cleaning

We all want a machine that is easy to clean post-use. Fortunately, several brands manufacture egg cookers that are dishwasher-friendly. Some egg makers also have a non-stick coating to prevent food particles from getting stuck in your equipment. Choose the one that you can clean without breaking a sweat. 

Special Features

Today’s egg cookers are upgraded with innovative functions and accessories to make cooking more straightforward. Here are some that you should take note of:

  • Alarm Features – Waiting for the eggs to finish cooking can be a real chore. Fortunately, some models are designed with an alarm feature or a buzzer. Egg cookers with such a feature will emit an alert sound once the eggs are cooked. 
  • Automatic Shut-Off – You can benefit from this advanced feature, especially if your day is too hectic, but you still need to get a decent meal on the table as quickly as possible. With this, the device turns off by itself once the eggs are ready. 
  • Timer – Most electric egg cookers nowadays have a built-in timer that tells you how long you should cook your eggs, depending on your preferred doneness. 
  • Low water protection system – Machines with this particular function automatically turn off if the water level falls below the appropriate level for the specific egg style you’re making.
  • Measuring cup – It is an essential accessory that estimates the right amount of water for your eggs. Stick to the suggested water level markings to achieve your desired consistency. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use an egg cooker?

Egg cookers, having varying features, often do not function the same way as one another. Some boast of multiple advanced features, and some only have the basic attributes of an egg maker. In general, egg cookers require a certain quantity of water for a specific egg style. You can always use the measuring cup to know the accurate water level you need. In some instances, you might be asked to puncture one end of each egg before placing them in the cooker. Luckily, most measuring cups come with a piercing pin at the bottom. When you place your eggs in the egg holder, make sure the holes are facing upwards. Lastly, turn on the device and wait for the alert sound when the eggs are done cooking.

How long does it take to cook eggs in an egg cooker?

The cooking time is dependent on the type of machine, the number of eggs, and the level of doneness you prefer. Some models can cook eggs in just three to nine minutes, whereas others take 16 to 18 minutes.

Are egg cookers good for your health?

Using an egg cooker to prepare eggs is actually healthy. For the record, the nutrients in the eggs remain when they are boiled for only a short period. Longer cooking time or simply overcooking the eggs can lead to the loss of their nutritional goodness. Egg cookers can cook eggs at a faster rate than the usual method wherein you boil eggs using a stove. That means cooking your eggs with such a machine will not affect their nutritional benefits. Additionally, egg cookers are mostly made with food-grade materials. Hence, they are safe to use for cooking.

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