How To Drink Riesling White Wine

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studyadvisor Published: January 22, 2024
How To Drink Riesling White Wine

Discovering the Delight of Riesling White Wine

When it comes to white wines, Riesling is a standout choice for many wine enthusiasts. Its unique flavor profile and versatility make it a popular option for both casual sipping and pairing with a wide range of dishes. If you’re new to Riesling or simply want to enhance your enjoyment of this delightful wine, here are some tips on how to drink Riesling white wine like a pro.

Choosing the Right Riesling

Before you can start savoring Riesling, it’s important to choose the right bottle. Riesling wines can vary widely in sweetness, ranging from bone-dry to lusciously sweet. Consider the occasion and your personal preference when selecting a Riesling. If you’re enjoying it as an aperitif, a dry or off-dry Riesling may be ideal. For pairing with spicy dishes or desserts, a sweeter Riesling can be a perfect match.

Serving and Enjoying Riesling

Once you have your bottle of Riesling, it’s time to savor it. Follow these steps to fully appreciate the flavors and aromas of this exceptional white wine:

  1. Serve at the Right Temperature: Riesling is best served chilled, but not too cold. Aim for a temperature between 45-55°F to allow the wine’s aromas and flavors to shine.
  2. Use the Right Glass: Choose a glass with a slightly tapered shape to concentrate the aromas of the wine. A tulip-shaped or white wine glass is ideal for savoring Riesling.
  3. Swirl and Sniff: Before taking a sip, give your glass a gentle swirl to release the wine’s aromas. Then, take a moment to inhale the delightful scents of citrus, floral, and mineral notes that are characteristic of Riesling.
  4. Sip and Savor: When you finally take a sip, let the wine linger on your palate for a moment. Notice the balance of sweetness and acidity, and the complex flavors that unfold with each sip.

Pairing Riesling with Food

Riesling’s versatility makes it a fantastic companion to a wide array of dishes. Whether you’re enjoying a glass with a meal or planning a wine and food pairing, consider these guidelines:

  • Spicy Cuisine: The natural sweetness and acidity of Riesling make it an excellent match for spicy dishes, such as Thai or Indian cuisine. The wine’s sweetness can help tame the heat, while its acidity provides a refreshing contrast.
  • Seafood and Poultry: Riesling’s vibrant acidity and fruitiness complement the flavors of seafood and poultry dishes. From grilled shrimp to roast chicken, Riesling can elevate the dining experience.
  • Cheese and Charcuterie: When creating a cheese or charcuterie board, consider adding a bottle of Riesling to the mix. Its versatility allows it to pair well with a variety of cheeses and cured meats.
  • Desserts: For a delightful finale to a meal, consider serving a sweeter Riesling with fruit-based desserts or creamy treats. The wine’s natural sweetness can harmonize beautifully with the sweetness of the dessert.

Exploring Riesling Varieties

Riesling is produced in various regions around the world, each offering its own unique expression of the grape. From the dry Rieslings of Germany to the off-dry and sweet styles of the Alsace region in France, there’s a diverse range of Riesling wines to explore. Consider tasting Rieslings from different regions to appreciate the nuances and diversity of this beloved white wine.

By following these tips and exploring the world of Riesling, you can enhance your appreciation for this exceptional white wine. Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with your favorite dishes, Riesling has a place at the table for any wine lover.

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What is the best temperature to serve Riesling white wine?
The best temperature to serve Riesling white wine is between 45-55°F (7-13°C). This allows the wine to showcase its vibrant acidity and fruity flavors without being too cold or too warm.
Should Riesling white wine be decanted before serving?
Riesling white wine does not typically need to be decanted before serving. However, if you have an older, more complex Riesling, decanting it for a short time can help it open up and release its aromas.
What foods pair well with Riesling white wine?
Riesling white wine pairs well with a variety of foods, including spicy dishes, Asian cuisine, seafood, poultry, and cheeses such as Gruyère and Camembert. Its versatility makes it a great choice for pairing with a wide range of dishes.
How should Riesling white wine be stored after opening?
After opening, Riesling white wine should be re-corked or sealed with a wine stopper and stored in the refrigerator. It’s best to consume the wine within a few days to preserve its freshness and flavors.
What glassware is best for serving Riesling white wine?
The best glassware for serving Riesling white wine is a tall, narrow wine glass with a slightly tapered rim. This shape helps concentrate the wine’s aromas and allows for proper aeration while sipping.
Is Riesling white wine typically sweet or dry?
Riesling white wine can range from very sweet to bone dry, depending on the style and region. It’s important to check the label or ask a knowledgeable wine retailer for guidance on the sweetness level of a particular Riesling before purchasing.

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