Trifle recipes

Trifle Recipes

Make a classic English dessert at the comfort of your own kitchen with our delectable trifle recipes! If you're looking to serve something fruity and delicious but don't want the usual cake, then trifles are a perfect choice. They're perfect for tea time, snacks, parties, and just about any kind of celebration. We have all kinds of trifle recipes for you, from caramel chocolates to mixed berries.

Recommended Trifle Recipes


5 hrs 10 mins

Black Forest Trifle Recipe

Rich chocolate and slightly sour cherries make this black forest trifle dish a heavenly experience. Create this at home with only 5 ingredients.


4 hrs 40 mins

Chocolate Malt Trifle Recipe

A heavnly dessert that's filled with layers of chocolate and vanilla pudding. Our chocolate malt recipe is excuisitely divine to the taste buds.


4 hrs 40 mins

Chocolate Trifle Recipe

A heavenly chocolate trifle dessert with layers of cake crumbls, pudding, coffee, whipped cream and Heath bars. It's an adventure with every bite.


1 hr 20 mins

Fruit Trifle Recipe

This soft trifle dessert combines four different fruits mixed with a kick of rum for extra flavor. It's layered with a smooth mixed cream mixture that complements that sweet and mildly sour flavor.


4 hrs 25 mins

Strawberry-Sugar Biscuit Trifle Recipe

Enjoy the exquisiteness of this dessert and be amazed by the sweetness and the hint of tanginess from the strawberry and the orange juice.


55 mins

Fudgy Brownie Trifle Recipe

A fantastic and easy recipe for rich and delicious fudgy brownie trifle. This wonderful dessert is sure to be loved by chocolate lovers and dessert enthusiasts alike!