10 Best Kitchen Shoes of 2022

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Krishia Published: June 23, 2022
10 Best Kitchen Shoes of 2022

Working in the kitchen is hard. You’ll find yourself standing and running all day most of the time. It’s also messy, with spills guaranteed here and there. That said, you need to fortify yourself against kitchen warfare! And one thing to do this is by donning a pair of kitchen shoes.

Kitchen shoes are essential. They are as necessary as oven mitts are for bakers. Oil on the floor from frying all day? Water spills everywhere? Standing all day because the restaurant is a full house? These are some typical scenarios one might encounter in the kitchen. And finding the right pair of kitchen shoes will not only provide you protection but comfort as well.

With that, what kitchen shoes should you gift yourself this 2022? After all your hard work, we believe you deserve it. That is why we curated a list of the best kitchen shoe options from which you can choose!

Our Favorite Kitchen Shoes at a Glance

10 Kitchen Shoes for Kitchen Professionals

People tend to overlook their footwear. But aside from the safety standards, wearing appropriate shoes is vital to achieve a pain-free workday and maintain optimum health. However, the use of kitchen shoes does not only apply in professional cooking.

If you are a home cook, you probably spend most of your time working in your kitchen. And though the chaos is not extreme compared to professional cooking, comfort, support, and safety are still important. And wearing proper kitchen shoes that will provide this is also essential for you to create wonderful dishes and for your well-being.

Now, do you want to know the best kitchen shoes to include in your next purchase? We got you covered. Here is a list of the latest kitchen shoes on the market to provide you with comfort and style.

1. Best Overall: Crocs Unisex Adult Bistro Clogs

What We Love

  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Non-slip bottoms
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable

What We Don't Love

  • Not breathable

We consider these clog-style shoes from Crocs as the best out of all the products on this list. It is a holy grail even for workers in the medical industry. The primary reason is because of the heavenly comfort these clogs bring. Crocs is known for clogs that are lightweight and very comfortable to wear. This particular footwear has non-slip bottoms to protect you from slips and falls.

These shoes will keep your feet covered from liquid spills, oil splatter, and gravy drips. That is another reason why most kitchen staff prefer these clogs: they are easy to wipe and clean. Who wants to wear dirty shoes, especially when working with food, anyway? It is also very tiring to spend the evening cleaning and drying your shoes after work. The only downside? It is made of rubber. And it’s not a very breathable material. With that, expect some swampy feet, especially if it gets too hot in the kitchen.

2. Best for Kitchen Workers: Birkenstock Professional Kitchen Shoes

What We Love

  • Provides optimal support
  • Slip-resistant
  • Durable

What We Don't Love

  • Takes a few weeks for your feet to adjust

Making its way on our list is the beloved Birkenstock, a brand associated with people who value comfort over everything else. These professional kitchen shoes have orthopedic insoles that provide the right amount of cushion whether you have flat feet or high arches. It also helps you avoid foot-related issues like ingrown nail, foot sprain, and even calluses. That is why it is we highly recommend this as a chef shoe and for kitchen staff who are on their feet all day.

But beware, though, these shoes were created to mold to your feet. Thus, you might experience some discomfort and sore feet during the first few wears. But don’t worry because, after some adjusting, things will change for the better. You will experience the support and protection that these shoes offer. It does not only help avoid leg cramps but also alleviates back pain caused by standing all day. You can treat this as an investment as they are also very durable. It’ll last you years before it seeks a replacement.

3. Best Non-slip: Shoes for Crews Non-Slip Shoes

What We Love

  • Rubber sole prevent slipping
  • Water and spill-resistant

What We Don't Love

  • Need to improve arch support

These non-slip kitchen shoes from Shoes for Crews ensure your safety every step of the way. It is very lightweight and comfortable to wear because of the removable cushion soles they’ve included in.

We recommend these for those who are looking for non-slip kitchen shoes. It has rubber soles to prevent any unfortunate slipping. They ring true to the company’s main goal which is to produce footwear that will provide protection for workers in various industries, including food service.

Aside from being non-slip kitchen shoes, they are also known for having breathable material that is waterproof and stain-proof. However, there’s still a lot left to be desired when it comes to arch support.

4. Best Slip-on: Adidas Pure Motion Shoes

What We Love

  • Easy to put on, slip-on style
  • Comfortable to wear because of cushion support

What We Don't Love

  • Not spill-proof shoes

We consider these Adidas Pure Motion shoes as the best slip-on shoes one can wear when they’re working in the kitchen. It’s suitable not only for runners but also for workers in the foodservice industry. And since these are slip-on, they are effortless to wear. These are definitely for people who are always on the go. Save your time from double knotting those pesky shoelaces: just slide your feet in the shoes and off you go.

Aside from that, these Adidas shoes are also good for people who value style and comfort. You have selections of different colors and sizes from which to choose. It also has various designs for everyone’s taste. However, they are not spill-proof shoes. That means cleaning may be troublesome. So we suggest that you opt for darker colored ones to avoid a messy shoe situation.

Ultimately, the best thing about these shoes is how comfortable they are to wear because of their Cloudfoam midsole cushion feature. It promises to lessen the impact and provide comfort in your every motion.

5. Best Comfort: Avia Avi-Union II Shoes

What We Love

  • Comfortable enough to wear for up to 24 hours
  • Oil and slip-resistant shoes
  • Removable memory foam

What We Don't Love

  • Velcro strap's grip is not that strong

Are you looking for the shoes that’ll keep you comfortable while working in the kitchen? Then try these shoes from the brand Avia. Whether a cook or a food server, these comfortable kitchen shoes will give you 24-hour all-day support.

They created these shoes for safety, but they are also for comfort. These oil and slip-resistant shoes are very soft and comfortable — qualities that most are looking for in kitchen shoes. It also has removable memory foam for pressure point relief.

It’s also worth mentioning that it has a velcro strap instead of shoelaces. Many find this velcro feature very appealing, though Avia can further improve it by strengthening its grip. Plus, it saves so much time. Just put them on, strap the Velcros together, and you’re done.

6. Best Durable: Dansko Professional Clog

What We Love

  • Exceptional Arch Support
  • Padded instep for added comfort
  • Breathable

What We Don't Love

  • Feet needs to adjust during the first few weeks
  • Quite pricey

There are many reasons why Dansko is a very recognizable brand when it comes to work shoes. Though they are pretty expensive, this brand is known to be durable. This particular pair of clogs will serve you for a very long time. Another thing is that they are waterproof and oil-resistant. Therefore, they are effortless to maintain and clean.

In addition to its advantages is its exceptional arch support. It is a must for every professional working on their feet and running around during their shift. Its padded instep also works for additional comfort. However, know that you might experience sore feet during the first few weeks of wearing it (worry not, it’s just your feet adjusting). Give it some time to finally feel the comfort it promises!

7. Best for Women: Skechers Women's Nampa Wyola Service Shoes

What We Love

  • Lightweight and very comfortable to wear
  • Best for people with bad knees
  • Durable

What We Don't Love

  • Not waterproof
  • Has only one color available (Black)

Though some might find its limited color and design a downside, these Sketchers service shoes are still one of the best rubber shoes for women who are on the go. Because like a little black dress, a black rubber shoe also goes a long way style-wise. That is because it can easily complement whatever color your uniform is. At the same time, these Sketchers shoes are also very comfortable. 

These service shoes are lightweight and comfortable to wear. It has a memory foam footbed.  That is why they are recommended for people with bad knees. Working an 8-hour shift standing or running around? These should be your go-to shoes. However, note these are not waterproof, so avoid getting your feet soaked. But they are still water-resistant. With that, this footwear is somehow easy to clean and maintain.

8. Best for Men: KEEN Utility Men's Sparta Low Alloy Work Shoe

What We Love

  • Provides full protection (safety toe and is slip-resistant)
  • Breathable material
  • Comfortable due to underfoot cushioning

What We Don't Love

  • Not stain and water-resistant

These Utility work shoes from KEEN are great non-slip kitchen shoes for men. Stylewise, you can wear it even outside work. Designwise, this is a shoe you can wear even beyond kitchen work — whether it’s carpentry or doing yard duties.

Are you a person who is prone to toe-stubbing or is afraid of cans or knives falling on your toe? These are the shoes for you. This footwear has an aluminum safety toe feature. Though it’s not a requirement for a kitchen shoe, an additional safety blanket is a plus. It also has an outsole that has a firm grip. It protects you from slipping and falling. So you are safe, whether it’s a puddle of water or oil spillage.

These are men’s kitchen shoes that can provide overall protection. Since it is made of meshy-type material, it is very breathable and comfortable to wear. However, due to this, it is also not stainproof or waterproof.

9. Best Sneakers: Vans Sk8 Hi Sneakers

What We Love

  • Stylish
  • Comfortable to wear

What We Don't Love

  • Does not have stainproof and waterproof features
  • Not easy to clean

Vans’ style will always be iconic. It is forever known for its minimalist and versatile sneaker designs. For one thing, the young and active are this company’s target market. However, these Van Sk8 Hi sneakers, particularly the Vans x H&B collaboration, are catered for workers. This release’s tagline is “made for the makers.” This footwear is for people who are constantly moving and on their feet all day— people like creatives, food servers, healthcare workers, and others. That is why comfort and support are the highlights of these shoes. And they did this while maintaining the Vans trademarked silhouette and design.

Since canvas and suede are the primary materials used for these shoes, expect that these shoes are not waterproof or stain-proof. Cleaning and maintaining might be tricky. However, style and comfort-wise, these work sneakers are the standard.

10. Best Boot: Dr. Martens Unisex 1460

What We Love

  • Non-slip sole
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Odor resistant

What We Don't Love

  • Popping or clicking sound on the first use that goes away after some time

Are you a person who prefers wearing kitchen boots? If yes, then Dr. Martens Unisex 1460 is the one for you. Here are some of the reasons why. First, it matches your style and design preference. Also, they have a non-slip sole to keep you safe and protected against your workplace’s slippery and oily kitchen floors. Although, you might hear a popping or clicking sound during your first use (don’t worry, it will go away after a while). Still, the comfort and protection are undeniable because of their reliable cushioning. As a result, this absorbs impact and compression.

Finally, it is also breathable, aside from keeping your feet safe and protected. If you fear that you might have smelly feet at the end of your shift, worry no more. It is proven to be odor-resistant, thus, keeping your feet fresh all day.

What You Should Look For in Kitchen Shoes

First and foremost, we know that finding the best kitchen shoes that will match your taste and lifestyle can be overwhelming. But keep in mind that having the right pair of work shoes is vital in maintaining your work performance and overall health.

It is also critical to ensure not only your safety but as well as the safety of your co-workers. A lot of things are happening simultaneously in a commercial kitchen. Puddles, fire, and hot food can cause a severe accident with even just a slip or fall.

To help you narrow down your choice, you must first know the qualities of kitchen shoes that you should be looking for.

Material and Durability

Remember, no matter their price, durable work shoes will always be an excellent investment. Some example materials used by shoemakers for kitchen shoes are leather, rubber, and polyethylene. These make shoes sturdy, easy to maintain, and clean.

Another thing that you might also need to consider is breathability. Indeed it is vital since you will be running and walking around all day. And it matters, especially if your feet tend to be sweaty.

Comfort and Arch Support

The best kitchen shoes should also have good ankle support. It is to ensure its maximum comfort, something that is best for people on their feet all day. More importantly, working in comfortable shoes will help you maximize your energy and work to the fullest.

Aside from that, choosing a pair of footwear with good arch support will help improve your overall health. Uncomfortable shoes can affect your posture. Poor posture can lead to back pains and decreased energy. Thus, affecting your confidence.

Prolonged use of uncomfortable shoes may also cause foot problems. It can cause stress fraction, foot deformity, and even nerve irritation. With that, opt for shoes that have a foot cushion. Also, take into consideration your foot length and width. It can significantly help you find the best shoe to fit you. You would also want to choose supportive shoes that will take off the pressure on your spine. Thus, making your workday comfortable and more bearable.

Style and Design

Finally, you should also consider the style and design. Indeed, we are what we wear. And we can show our personality even by simply slipping on a pair of shoes.

But aside from aesthetics, it is essential to ensure that your shoes are also comfortable.  Watch out for the product certification that you usually find on the shoe tag. These tags reflect what kind of surface or environment manufacturers tested your shoes. There are shoes tested on soapy tiles (SRA) and stainless steel surfaces (SRB).

We highly suggest that you look for a nonslip design that is also water and oil-resistant. This will help you avoid slipping and sliding on the floors. Furthermore, aside from the hassle of cleaning your work shoes, owning an oil or waterproof one will help you avoid soiled shoes. Nobody wants that, right?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to clean kitchen shoes?

Before cleaning your footwear, you need to check the cleaning instructions provided in the box or on its tag. It will help you identify the process and the cleaning agents you should use in cleaning your shoes.

Owning a pair of the rubber clog ones? There are easy ways to clean them. First, you may clean these using a brush, gentle soap, and a damp rag. Just remember not to let them dry under the sun’s direct heat, as it may cause shrinkage. Thus, it can damage your precious footwear.

Now, can you machine wash your clogs? Yes, you may! You can clean your footwear made of plastic and rubber using a washing machine. Just make sure to use the gentle cycle setting to avoid damaging them. However, handwashing them is still highly recommended.

How about shoes made of canvas and other textile materials? You can also clean them using a brush, soap, and water. Then after washing them, let them dry outside. You can also opt to machine wash them. Just make sure that they do not have buckles or any embellishments that are not machine friendly.

How to make shoes nonslip for the kitchen?

Indeed, prioritizing safety over style is highly recommended. That is why buying a nonslip shoe is essential if you are a kitchen worker. Now, let’s say you don’t have enough budget to purchase one right now. Here are some things that you can do to make your shoe nonslip.

The first method that we can suggest is the scruffing method. Though it may be the cheapest way to solve this issue, note that this method may also damage your shoes. That’s because your main goal is to scruff the bottom soles of your footwear. This way, you will increase your shoes’ grip, allowing them to create friction as you walk on the floor. How to do it? Walk on a rough surface. You may look for a rough pavement or a pathway with stones. Let the ground scratch your shoes. You can also do this by using a nail file or sandpaper. Scruff the areas of your bottom soles that usually touches the ground.

You can also use traction sprays (if you want something cheaper, others use hairspray). However, we can only recommend this as an alternative since this is non-permanent. Expect its magic to wear off after a few hours, especially if it comes into contact on a wet floor.

Another solution is to purchase grip pads that you can place on the bottom soles of your shoes. These are easy to install, especially since most shoe grip pads are self-adhesive. Just slap them on the bottom soles of your shoes, then you are good to go. It is a more convenient and easy way to solve this slippery problem.

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